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Social Media Marketing in Toronto

Social Media Marketing is a company’s ability to leverage social media platforms to effectively market its brand, products, and/or services. As the two largest social networking sites, no major business or brand should be without a Facebook Marketing strategy and Twitter marketing strategy.

In order to understand the marketing potential of social media marketing, one must first understand what social media is. Social media marketing allows people around the world to quickly create, share, and consume information, as well as stay connected via the World Wide Web. Currently, the two largest social media platforms are social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing Toronto

Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Toronto
Twitter Marketing Toronto

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Facebook Marketing

  • 1.2 Billion registered Users
  • 551 Million Daily Users
  • Average User Spends 7.5 Hours/Month

Twitter Marketing

  • 519 Million Registered Users
  • 6.9 Million Daily Users
  • Average User Spends 21 Mins/Month

LinkedIn Marketing

  • 175 Million Registered Users
  • 25 Million Daily Users
  • Average User Spends 17 Mins/Month

Google+ Marketing

  • 400 Million Registered Users
  • 75 Million Daily Users
  • Average User Spends 1.5 Hours/Month